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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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went to my leg, took my leg, took me down. >> two dogs send two people from brentwood to the hospital with some nasty looking injuries. >> the hookup truck is getting ready to roll through the streets of the bay area. the owner the woman with the hat tells me all you have to do is make a 30-minute appointment then go inside for sex. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado frank, michelle, your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning from oracle. everybody lost a game seven. there are george bushing to three of them on saturday night in the nba. win or go home. >> that was a big win for the that was the theme and the warriors. joint was rocking. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. clippers with the early lead. matt barnes with the jump shot time now 6:00. for the nine point advantage in liz has a look at the morning commute. it is no longer "friday the 1st quarter. light" on the bay bridge toll in the second, engineer plain o'neil has a right knee injury plaza. suddenly they turned the metering lights on so they have when he made contact with davis that going on and word of an accident at the base of the and would not return. chris paul was dealing with a incline. hand issue and was in foul trouble all night which meant it is a smaller fender-bender and it sounds like it's already it was stephen curry's time to shine. he races by everyone for the out of lanes but just a minor layup in the 4th quarter and a six point golden state lead. accident like that can
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when david lee fouled out andre sometimes slow things down. iguodala had big shots down the stretch. he buries a tough shot and then the three ball from the corner plus the foul on blake griffin, it's backed up. bart is on time. everything looks good. they got the signal issues fix at the san leandro stop and according to bart's website now a 7-point golden state lead with under three minutes to go. closing seconds, matt barnes with the wild three from the wing to cut the golden state lead to one. everything is on time. not enough time. curry misses the free throw on fog could slow you down on purposes and time expires. parts of 101, novato, golden the warriors force a game 7 in gate bridge has a dense fog los angeles saturday night. advisory between marin and san they win 100-99. francisco. and if you are traveling on 24, let's hit the locker room. very quiet right now approaching telegraph. you can see everything is moving well so far out of the >> the way this team conducts caldecott tunnel, as well. that's your latest "kcbs itself in spite of everything we've gone through, all the traffic." a lot of fog out there. with the forecast, here's lawrence. >> a heat wave, nice to see the lie, all the adversity, all the sources, i could not be fog on the coastline but not prouder. what we are doing collectively extending onshore. still we have the clouds back speaks against it. and the sea breeze kicking in >> what do you think about your and the temperatures will be availability for saturday night? cooler across the board especially along the coastline >> anything short of god coming and just inside the bay. back, anything short of that partly chris will, 60s toward the coastline. -- partly cloudy, 60s toward more than likely i'll play.
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the coastline, 80s and warm in the valleys. beautiful over the bay just a >> when you're at home you couple of high clouds, otherwise clear. can't rely on home. that doesn't work. it's going to be great to be at home. we'll be back in our safe haven now and the fans will give us temperatures cooler to start the day. it looks like 60s along the great energy. but you still got to perform. that's the bottom line. >> just a monster game from dre coastline with patchy fog. that's the latest forecast. mon green, 14 points, five back to you. steals. he was brill yonts. two people have some so it's on to los angeles for the golden state warriors and gruesome looking injuries after game 7. reporting from oracle, i'm dennis o'donnell. being attacked by dogs running frank, michelle, back to you. play of the day, we are lose in the east bay. going to go back to the nba forayscate caugiran reports. >> reporter: michelle, this morning those two dogs are in play-offs. got a terrific dunk atlanta's custody of contra costa county mike scott check it out. animal services after sending one, two, three, in the paint, get out of my way! two people to the hospital tearing one neighborhood apart. this happened yesterday pretty sweet. the hawks fall to the indiana morning. two dogs a pit bull and lab got loose and went on a rampaging pacers 95-88. on hudson drive. that series tied up at 3-3. the at the same time, reed was play of the day. 6:26. walking his dog when he said there's a new truck rolling through the bay area and you the two tried to attack his won't believe what is going on
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inside. coming up the controversial animals.the dogs also went hook-up truck debuting today in the bay area. >> reporter: and the warriors did bring down the house last night at oracle but a lot of after another woman who was just walking out her front door to walk her dog. that woman needed stitches on talk was about the clippers her leg --on her face, leg and possibly now has a broken toe. we were there when one of the victims got into a confrontation. owner donald sterling racist >> see what they did to my comments. the latest up next. wife? >> you know what? it's not a pit bull! >> i don't know what it is! i just got home myself. >> it's a mastiff sharpei. >> i don't care what it is. >> you don't need to get in my face. you don't know what it's doing to my dog. those are like my granddoggies! >> reporter: brentwood police and animal services found the dogs. the pair ran through a neighborhood prompting a preschool to "shelter in place." officers say they also had to use a taser to subdue the pit bull. now, we know they belong to a neighbor in that area who is cooperating with police and police believe the dogs escaped from their backyard. >> a question. do we no what happened to the dogs? >> they are going to be held for a 10-day quarantine and animal services will investigate.
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>> cate caugiran live in the newsroom, thank you. some new details on the controversy surrounding l.a. clipper owner donald sterling. anne makovec joins us live from oakland now where the clippers fell to the warriors last night in game 6. >> reporter: here outside oracle arena which calmed down significantly last night weather the warriors beat the clippers, it was a tight game, 99-100. but a lot of the talk here was about the clippers owner donald sterling. here he is leaving a beverly hills restaurant last night. his first public appearance since he was caught on tape making racist comments. he had no response to reporter questions about whether or not he will sell the clippers just hours after an nba commission voted to pursue terminating his ownership. the other big news of the day sterling is said to have prostate cancer. fans here at oracle expressed sympathy for that.
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>> well, you know, what went on it's emotional but, you know, i feel for the guy getting cancer, you know, we're all people at the end of the day. >> it's never good when anybody has cancer. so it's really unfortunate but i hope he recovers from cancer and at the same time realizes that what he said was and his actions maybe weren't the best. >> reporter: now, sterling himself wasn't at the game last night because earlier this week the nba permanently banned sterling from all league activities. his team though the clippers will host the warriors tomorrow night for game 7 of this series that is at 7:30. live at oracle arena, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> that is a winner-take-all. thank you. the president of the naacp l.a. chapter has resigned over a decision to give sterling an award for promoting civil rights. leon jenkins reversed that decision shortly after the scandal broke out last week but critics say he should not have made the decision in the first place due to allegations of discrimination in sterling's past. good news on the jobless front the labor department
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announcing the april numbers of unemployment down to 6.3%. that's down from 6.7. the lowest in more than five years. analysts say a sign the economy is picking up after a bad winter and hopefully good news for wall street too. in hawaii the death of a santa rosa woman is under investigation this morning. 20-year-old patricia rabellizsa died in a zipline accident on the island of maui. she was an employee at the company where the accident happened yesterday morning falling 150 feet in a deep gulch there. rescue workers had trouble getting through the thick vegetation to reach her body. federal investigators are looking into uc-berkeley and 54 other schools for the way they handled reports of sexual assaults on campus. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. pension reform in san jose suffers a setback and the unions are cheering. the title ix investigations also covered such prestigious i'm kiet do with a live report universities as princeton, vanderbilt and harvard. coming up. >> a northern california man is the department of education is telling the schools they must either address all issues or home safe talking about the lose federal funding. avalanche that killed more than a dozen people on mount the federal government everest. >> the fog is back much cooler
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weather on the way. estimates one out of every five college women will be sexually we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it is "friday light" in assaulted before graduation. a lot of places. >> the president and the vice sadly the bay bridge toll plaza is not one of those. president both strongly called we'll tell you how bad are the for greater transparency and a delays coming up. movement across the country for >> thank you, liz. us to change campus culture so good morning. it's friday, it's here, it's that we are making sure that may 2. i'm frank mallicoat. all of our students are safe. >> i'm michelle griego. >> uc-berkeley and the other time now 6:30. right now firefighters in universities say they are fully southern california have a cooperating with the investigation and are committed to making improvements. wildfire about halfway contained. it's burning east of los angeles in the foothills of the san bernardino national forest. fire started on wednesday and developing news now. forced more than 1,000 sacramento county sheriff's deputies are searching for a residents to evacuate. cal fire battalion chief who is it burned about 1600 acres of suspected in the killing of his brush. winds are expected to be relatively low today in the fiancee. cal fire says orville fleming has been with the agency for 24 years. the family of sarah douglas range of 5 to 10 miles an hour. says she was found dead yesterday morning in the south sacramento county home she >> sea breeze is good news for shared with fleming. >> she was on a night out with firefighters and for us to cool her sister and her mom and she things off as we had three days came home and according to her of record-breaking heat. now looks like we'll cool things down big time. sister he was waiting for her. low clouds and fog have moved >> detectives say fleming was driving a cal fire truck but it
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back in along the coastline. was later found abandoned in elk grove. today officials from countries held a joint news conference about their long- term plan to find the missing 70s and 80s inland, done with malaysia airlines plane. the 90s. out the door we go. clear except for high clouds over the bay bridge. temperatures are running cooler authorities plan to expand the though this morning in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon the numbers under water search in the indian ocean but australian going to be down about 79 officials are less optimistic that an unmanned sub from the degrees still pleasant in fremont. the sea breeze blowing into san united states will really find francisco at 73. anything. >> i must say the chances of 66 in pacifica. finding it, the probability is cooler weather on the weekend. let's check the roads with lower than it was when we elizabeth. the bay bridge is backed up started the search. beyond the west grand >> a new preliminary report overcrossing. there was a smaller fender- bender at the base of the from malaysia confirms that radar tracked the plane as it incline and looks like that turned west but air traffic should be cleared by now. it was quickly cleared out of lanes but for a while there was controllers didn't realize the boeing 777 was missing until 17 some activity on the right-hand shoulder and you can see it's a minutes after it disappeared beautiful picture of the sun from civilian radar. exclusively on kpix 5, the violence in ukraine is coming up this morning waiting continuing to escalate. 15 minutes to get on the span. a couple of hours ago a cbs here's a live look westbound news producer was released 580. there is a stall reported
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after being held hostage. approaching airway. >> we spoke with erin lyall on traffic is stacking up behind the phone from ukraine this that. then it gets sluggish again morning. from el charro to the dublin she explains how she and a couple of other journalists were stopped at a checkpoint interchange. our cameras actually right there in pleasanton. then blindfolded, taken to a chp issued a fog advisory at warehouse and held for hours. 3:30 on 101 for the golden gate >> there were some moments that bridge so heads up. were scary, you know, they visibility could be a problem between marin county and san asked us if we had children and families and we were wondering francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you. why they were asking us that. uhm, they were rough with us at terrifying situation for two people in the east bay and the beginning and then toward the end they would give us tea this neighborhood. they were attacked by two dogs and tell us that everything was though escaped their yards. going to be okay. police finally rounded up the but, you know, when you're two dogs but not before two blindfolded sitting on a hard chair in a room that you don't people were bitten badly enough to have to go to the hospital. know where you are, it's hard a man and woman were attacked separately about 10 minutes to feel encouraged by that. >> lyall goes on to give us a apart before the dogs were firsthand account of what's caught at a nearby preschool happening in ukraine. >> they are not taking orders sheltering in place, as well. from russia. some new details regarding they are not taking orders from the nba's effort to force ukraine. these are local people with uniforms and guns and they are donald sterling to sell his doing things on their own. so when a deal is struck with franchise the clippers. there are now reports that he ukraine and russia, it has no impact on the ground here. these residents are saying nobody is negotiating with us. has cancer. anne makovec from oakland where the clippers and warriors had a so we are just protecting our
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play-off game last night. own state. >> these photos were captured >> reporter: oracle arena has moments before she and her calmed down significantly since that point. colleagues were detained and was hot after that big win a blindfolded by pro-russian separatists. lyall plans to stay and game 6, 99-100. continue covering the crisis. the warriors took it. but a lot of talk off the court time now 6:10. a southern california wildfire was about three clippers owner. burns over 1500 acres. his racist comments and his coming up at 6:30, how mother latest battle his health. nature is helping firefighters l.a. contain the flames. >> okay, everyone! here's a clue for you this clippers owner donald sterling was seen leaving an l.a. morning. area restaurant this week amid what is big and white and looks reports he is battling serious like it could be in a george health issues. espn is reporting the 80-year- lucas movie? "where's roberta?" as the news continues right here on kpix 5. old has been treated for >> sounds like me on a hot day prostate cancer for an extended period of time. sterling is banned from the nba at the beach. we are looking at some big for life for making racist changes coming our way. some heat relief is in sight. comments. clippers head coach doc rivers we'll talk about that coming addressed the news after his up. >> and you're really slowing team lost to the golden state warriors last night. down between north flynn and vasco if you are traveling on >> i don't have a reaction to westbound 580. we'll have all your travel that. you know, uhm, i hope it's not times after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, true. >> reporter: nba team owners wasted no time launching a bid to oust sterling as team owner. according to the nba, a panel of 10 owners unanimously agreed to proceed, quote, as
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expeditiously as possible. the nba commissioner also fined sterling $2.5 million. and there is more fallout. leon jenkins the president of the naacp chapter in los angeles has resigned. jenkins group was about to give sterling a lifetime achievement award just before the recorded comments surfaced. jenkins says he resigned because of the negative exposure he caused for the naacp. now, either sterling nor his lawyer have made any public comments since last tuesday. live at oracle arena in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. the warriors and clippers will play that 7th and deciding game in the series in l.a. tomorrow night. new this morning, a northern california man is back home after surviving last month's deadly avalanche on mount everest. his family was there to welcome jim geiger home to sacramento. he was ready to go for the summit on mount everest april 16 when the avalanche hit killing 16 sherpas. >> i was there in base camp it happened at 6:30 in the
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morning. we heard the rumbling all of a sudden got the news at about 7 7:00 that 12 people were lost. some missing and then all of a sudden it went up to 16. very, very sad. >> geiger says it was frightening to see rescue teams removing victims. he was hoping to become the oldest american to climb the mountain. a controversial pension cost-cutting measure is being delayed in san jose. measure b was approved by voters nearly four years ago. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is at city hall to explain why implementation is being put off. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. employees that were bracing for a smaller paycheck this summer are breathing easier for now. measure b was set to go into effect on july 1 and that would have forced a lot of them to pay more into their pensions but a judge has ruled it was illegal and has now delayed it by a full year. that has labor unions claiming
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another victory. this is what we want to show. voters passed measure b in 2010 to rein in skyrocketing wireless routers have certain speeds going in. pensions which the mayor blamed but with our xfinity wireless gateway, for layoffs of police officers, you get more speed going out, giving you three times faster in-home wi-fi. firefighters, library and fire station closures. mayor reed defends it saying it got it. we know what to do. first, without xfinity. saved the city more than $20 oh. oh. million. >> getting control over those skyrocketing costs is a key to and now xfinity. putting our city on a good fiscal foundation. we have managed to reduce them [ laughs ] somewhat with the savings that the voters approved. that's my tablet. was your tablet. there's more more we need to [ female announcer ] the fastest in-home wi-fi do. but we'll wait until we finish for all your devices -- with litigation before we can the x1 entertainment operating system. move ahead. >> it's not easy for any only from xfinity. politician especially chuck reed to say i'm sorry. but the city agreeing to not implement measure b is an admission it's time for a new direction in san jose. >> reporter: the city still has the right to cut salaries and they did in response police officers and firefighters have left in droves to other cities. san jose then restored some of but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. that pay to keep them from quitting so both sides continue chevron with techron. to battle this out in court. it's unclear if they will care for your car. resolve these legal issues in time for next year's deadline.
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live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. a former concord police officer expected to be it's 6:13. let's check traffic. >> you're going to go back out arraigned on several criminal charges later today. matthew switzer is accused of to the bay bridge. stealing prescription drugs from residents in the senior apartment complex in downtown concord while he was in metering lights created a backup past the west grand uniform. resident tipped police off on overcrossing. switser in february. it looks like right now it's they began an investigation just about to the foot of the arrested him last month and he maze. so at 6:14 this morning, it is resigned just a few days later. anything but "friday light." a lawsuit aims to put the if i didn't mention it that accident by the way is out of brakes on the tech shuttle lanes. so they are off to the right- buses in san francisco. the buses have sparked protests hand shoulder. in recent months over soaring but it's causing slowdowns some housing costs. the suit by the seiu and community groups targets their looky-loos checking out the use of muni bus stops. it says it's illegal and it accident scene. westbound 580 we had a kcbs wants the city to put an end to airborne flying over. heavy from north flynn to that program. new this morning a driver greenville slowing down at vasco improving closer to in florida faces a big fine for dublin-pleasanton where that jamming cell phone signals. camera happens to be jason humphries admitted to approaching 680. police he used the device on 880 is fine in oakland. no delay in either direction his daily commute for roughly two years. right now between hayward and a cell phone company noticed your downtown oakland exits. fog may not slow you down but it could be a headache this something scrambling the signal morning if you are heading off on his towers.
6:15 am
it tracked the problem to his giant jammer wedged into his suv. he said he wanted to stop to work. drivers from talking on the it could be a visibility issue. there's a dense fog advisory on 101. it is "friday light." phone. the fcc fined him $48,000. look at this contra costa happening today a truck will open for business in the county looking great right now. bay area but not the kind of highway 4 southbound 680 looks great from antioch all the way business you might think. >> nope. this is one of a kind. down into walnut creek and a we'll let joe vazquez explain check of the south bay where but if you see the truck you'll see it's about 64 miles per hour on 101 coming into san arocking, just don't go knocking. here you go. >> reporter: the hook-up truck is getting ready to roll jose. 280 through downtown, even the guadalupe parkway everything is fine. through the streets of the bay remember kcbs when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. area. the owner, the woman with the hat, tells me all you have to that is your latest traffic. do is make a 30-minute lawrence we have had some appointment then go inside for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets lately. sex. the nondescript box truck has a mostly clear skies from the private room inside. there's no bed, no bedding, in offshore winds but things changing today. some fog along the coastline order to keep it as sanitary as looks like that's going to snap the heat wave and some much possible. instead, there's a custom built cooler weather on the way for the weekend as it looks like bench covered with vinyl. emerson says everything will be that cool air going to spread thoroughly cleaned before and onshore and it's doing so already. in fact, got some foggy conditions as you approach the coastline. after each customer, contraception and birth control mostly clear though in the interior valleys then mostly are available. >> get a hotel room. sunny this afternoon but some grow up, go home, get a hotel cooler temperatures and then
6:16 am
much cooler over the weekend. room. >> reporter: no truck? >> no. high pressure finally sliding eastward. that's allowing a sea breeze to come on! >> this is safe and convenient kick in and fog to return to place to do it. the coastline. so i'm -- i think it's awesome. we'll see a lot of fog over the i think go for it. weekend. still it's going to take if that's your thing, do it! another day to work its way inland so 90s in the central >> reporter: emerson says her lawyer has checked and as far as he can tell the hook-up valley, 75 degrees monterey truck is legal. bay. patchy fog along the coastline no permits or inspections needed. today with cooler temperatures but until they are sure customers will be able to use there. and that sea breeze likely to pick up and the fog is going to work its way well onshore the truck free of charge. tomorrow morning and probably joe vazquez, kpix 5. well into the valleys over the >> okay. once the truck's owner -- weekend, as well. temperatures today start to >> speechless. >> what can you say? cool down. still about 84 degrees and warm kind of crazy. once this thing gets rolling, they are going to start in san jose. 76 in union city. about 66 degrees and breezy and charging people. the services will cost between fog into pacifica. a lot of 80s still in the $75 and $150 per half hour but valleys but we are done with the 90s for now and then you will see a lot of 70s inside right now, it's free. just so you know. the bay. looks like your sunrise time is we are moving on now. cars, bushes, roads, all of a at 6:13 today. sunset 8:01. as we look toward the next sudden disappear. coming up a sinkhole swallows a city block and it's caught on couple of days we'll be cooling camera. >> and the market just opened down the temperatures, back to average this time of year. up about 10 minutes ago. partly cloudy late sunday night into monday with a slight let's check the big board. you can see the dow is up about chance of sprinkles and looks 27. like some slow warming toward we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter the middle of the week. jason brooks. nice to see that cool air
6:17 am
coming back. it's nice being here on friday because the energy level on the >> let's check out your pollen set today is contagious! april glad to be here with you report for today. we are looking at the pollen count on the rise just a little guys. >> i think -- i'm glad to be into the weekend still running here with you guys. medium to high right through the weekend and probably monday, too. >> i think you're right. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,, i'm feeling it. >> i'm feeling it. it's time to find out "where's roberta?" on our weekly friday feature. >> yes, earlier we got a couple of clues from roberta so tell us where are you? >> reporter: hey, good morning, everybody! yes, you know, it's hard to believe that for five full months we have been featuring "where's roberta?" and we have taken to you great heights like the air balloons over napa, the b17 over hayward, and even the bowling alley at at&t park. but come on along today as we climb the cranes at the port authority for this week's edition of "where's roberta?." reporter: it occupies 19 miles of waterfront on the eastern shore of san francisco bay. it discharges more than 99% of containerized goods moving through northern california.
6:18 am
how many cranes do you have here at the port authority? >> 43. >> reporter: how tall are these cranes? >> right now, we are 130 feet above from the ground. and if you go all the way up to the top, we reach more than 240 feet. >> reporter: about 75% of when sales rep steve hatfield books at, oakland's trade is with asia and europe, the other 25% with he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. other foreign economies. now i get my chance to move the so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? cargo. >> we actually use this -- you push over, you don't pull up and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions? because right now this is can i get an "a", steve? already down. there you go. see it coming up? yes! three a's! >> reporter: is it supposed to be doing that? >> it's supposed to do that. amazing sales! it's coming up. he brings his a-game! >> reporter: it's coming up. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, what does this button do? [ siren ] so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! [ laughter ] >> so we have one more to go la quinta! up. watch out. >> reporter: from the operator's booth to the top, which is the apex. once one of these ships come in here to dock and you have to unload it do you unload a whole
6:19 am
ship in one day? >> yes, we can. and port authority is one of the fastest turnaround times. >> reporter: xp41 is the name of this crane and from the view at the top? >> oh, yes, beautiful day. >> reporter: we actually have a ship filled with containers coming into the bay right now and i have to tell you, gang, i have a whole new appreciation for these containers, for the men who are longshoremen and also for the truckers who come in and get these containers and take them around the bay area a whole new appreciation. if you want to learn more about the port authority or watch "where's roberta?" online, visit us online at reporting from the port authority where i got to actually climb a crane, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> very cool, roberta. i called it, frank. >> you did. you were on the money. all right. a new bay area service offering quite the ride coming up at 6:30, the hook-up truck offers everything you need for a
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little whoopi on wheels. on brand name mattress sets. get three years interest-free financing and i'm dennis o'donnell. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. highlights and reaction to the warriors clippers game straight ahead. >> what's cool about your sleep train's interest free for 3 event, school? email your nomination to usa ends sunday. here at and we may come out and feature your school on the show. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we'll be right back. stay with us. ,, ,,,, unemployment across the cou is down. so are profits for a bay area oil compa bs radio's new reporteds this morning have some falling numbers. unemployment is down so are profits from a bay area oil company. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good news to end the week. the april jobs report with a bigger gain than expected. the labor department reports that there are 288,000 jobs created last month. and there was also sizable increases to the prior to
6:21 am
months bringing the unemployment rate down to 6.3% from 6.7% in march. that's the lowest it's been since september of 2008. it was due to the jobs gain fewer people looking for work. the labor participation rate fell to a three decade low. but still overall pretty good news and hiring across a number so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. of sectors, construction, retail, professional services adding 75,000 jobs. wages were flat for the prior month on average at $24.31. so you... chevron reporting its earnings can save the day. for the 1st quarter and lower chase freedom. so you can. oil prices and production, its profits down 27% to 4.5 billion revenue down about 6% at more than $53 billion as chevron felt the pressure of those oil prices falling over the course of winter. oil prices have been rising of late so it might see a bump back up in the second quarter. stock market dealing with the
6:22 am
good jobs news but increasing worries over war in ukraine. that's keeping the gains in check in the early going. so far the dow up 25. nasdaq up 8. s&p up 4. chevron shares are down slightly and linkedin off its earnings report down 2%. back to you. >> thank you, have a great weekend. >> you, too. the nasty storm that hit much of the country this week may be over but the effects of the flooding remain including some incredible video out of maryland. watch this. >> oh, my god, ah!!! >> just like that a big stretch of road in baltimore just disappeared along with all the cars that were parked on that road. despite the screams, nobody was injured. more now from cbs news' chip reid. >> reporter: people describe feeling a rumble and what sounded like thunder. >> see it slowly but surely it was sinking and sinking and sinking. >> reporter: as the ground collapsed, the wall structure
6:23 am
and sidewalk caved with it swallowing trees, lampposts and parked cars. >> the wall, lights, cars, everything parked on that side of the street gone. >> reporter: emergency crews evacuated 19 homes and inspected gas and power lines. drivers returned to their parked cars hoping to find them where they had left them. some were lucky, others not. the debris and chunks of caved roadway fell off the hill and on to the tracks of a nearby railway stopping train traffic in the area. but it's not known what caused the ground to cave in. officials say the harsh winter of heavy snows and rains contributed to weakening the roadways. >> that was chip reid reporting. new this morning and it's about time, some encouraging news about gas prices. they could drop as much as 40 to 50 cents per gallon by the 4th of july. according to, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $4.22 in metro san jose. and $4.31 in san francisco. >> they snuck over 4 bucks out of nowhere like what?!
6:24 am
what's going on with that? >> 40 to 50 cents a big difference. elizabeth wenger has traffic. >> let's go to orinda. we talking about the approaches to the bay bridge looking quiet. then we saw a tweet and there is a smaller fender-bender westbound 24 approaching fish ranch. traffic is delayed from wilder. so heads up from the orinda area. at the bay bridge though typical stuff maybe a touch lighter than normal. we had one accident at the base of the incline that's now cleared but it is stacked up to at least the foot of the maze and probably growing at this point. here's a live look at 880 the nimitz. everything is cruising right along up to downtown oakland. southbound also looks pretty good as well even for silicon valley commuters. this is live look through milpitas and westbound 237 very quiet so far into sunnyvale and all bart trains are now back on track. we had some earlier issues in san leandro, no longer the case right now 58 trains and they are all on schedule.
6:25 am
what is driving you crazy on your commute? it's time for this again. we heard from carla about bicycles. people who don't stop for lights. drive me crazy and she says scare the beejeebers out of my. with "bike to work" day next week, this is a good reminder about sharing the road. each year more than 100 people are killed in bike accidents. some are caused by the bicyclist behavior or drivers. as you said, bicyclists must obey the stop signs and the red signal lights. but, of course, drivers too should watch out for bicycle riders before turning, merging into bicycle lanes and i always forget this one, opening doors next to moving traffic. very dangerous. we wanted to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
6:26 am
that is your latest "kcbs traffic." more on our foggy drive to work. here's lawrence. i think the hot weather has been driving some folks crazy especially trying to sleep at night but we have some good news. we have some cool air that's sweeping onshore and that fog is back and the cooldown is under way. in fact today's going to be much cooler along the coastline and just inside the bay. it will still be warm in the valleys becoming mostly sunny but these temperatures will be down and much cooler weather expected over the weekend. high pressure now scooting out of the way. low pressure off the coast is returning the sea breeze outside so the temperatures going to be coming down near the coastline still hot in the central valley 93 in sacramento, 97 in fresno and about 70 and sunny in lake tahoe. still around the bay today, we'll see those temperatures running into the 80s in the south bay as high as 84 in san jose and 81 in mountain view. 60s along the immediate coastline with some patchy fog. into the east bay 90s yesterday, those were long gone now. still some 80s and warm by the afternoon. and inside the bay that breeze will be kicking in about 73
6:27 am
degrees still pleasant. >> san francisco. 67 and cooler and breezy into daly city. the next couple of days, these temperatures return to normal saturday and sunday a lot of low clouds early on in the morning hours giving way to some sunshine by the afternoon. clouds do thicken up toward sunday and monday as a weak weather system slides toward the bay area bringing with it at least a slight chance of a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge on the monday. overall looking pretty good. in fact, hey, don't forget this weekend, cinco de mayo festival in san francisco. should be mostly sunny in the afternoon. temperature a little cool, about 62 degrees. >> that sounds like fun. >> yeah. >> great weekend. >> thank you. exclusively now on kpix 5 just a few hours ago a cbs news producer was released after being taken hostage in ukraine. that producer erin lyall spoke with us about her short buy terrifying ordeal. >> there were some moments that were scary. they asked us if we had children and families and we were wondering why they were
6:28 am
asking us that. they were rough with us at the beginning and then toward the end they would give us tea and but when you're blindfolded, it's hard to feel encouraged by that. >> lyall said it lasted about four hours. she said she and the others are going back to work. time now 6:51. a cal fire battalion chief is on the run from the law. why police named him the only suspect in a brutal crime. >> the dog attack sends two people to the hospital and tears apart one east bay neighborhood. our cameras were rolling when the victim's husband tried to confront the owner. ,, [doorbell rings]
6:29 am
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h,z/ [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. malaysia fligh five things to know at the
6:32 am
:55. a newly released report investigating what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370 is shedding new light on the plane's disappearance. among the findings air traffic controllers did not realize the boeing 777 was missing until 17 minutes after it disappeared from civilian radar. 55 colleges and universities are facing federal investigations for the way they handle allegations of sexual abuse by students. the schools include princeton, uc-berkeley, vanderbilt and harvard along with smaller state schools all under investigation for violating title ix which requires schools to advise victims of their rights, investigate their claims and ensure their safety. toronto mayor rob ford may be in a rehab facility near chicago a day after new photos surfaced showing him allegedly smoking crack cocaine. he admitted to having an alcohol problem which he says leads to bad choices. ford is currently on a leave of absence from his job as mayor so he can receive treatment. he says he will continue his
6:33 am
bid for re-election. the nba is moving quickly to terminate donald sterling's ownership of the los angeles clippers. sterling has been facing intense backlash force his racist comments revealed in an audio recording. he is banned from the nba for life and faces a fine. there are now reports that sterling is also battling cancer. and sheriff's deputies are searching for a cal fire battalion chief who is suspected in the killing of his fiancee in a southern sacramento county. cal fire says orville fleming has been with the agency for 24 years. family of sarah douglas says sheafed found dead yesterday morning in the home she shared with fleming. i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. contra costa county animal services is investigating after two dogs got loose in the east bay and went on a rampage that sent two people to the hospital. we were there when one of the victims' husbands tried to confront the owner. brentwood police officers say these dogs caused these injuries which led to this confrontation. >> see what they did to my wife?
6:34 am
>> now what? it's not a pit bull! >> i don't know what it is.i just got home myself. i don't care what it is. >> you don't need to get in my face. you don't know what it's doing to my daughter. those are like my granddoggies. >> reporter: it all began yesterday morning when two dogs got out of their yard and went on a rampage on hudson drive. >> i was just walking my dogs and these two giant dinosaur sized dogs decided to make mine a snack. >> reporter: reed boston so put his dogs on top of a truck to try to fight off the other pair. >> one of the dogs went for my finger. i pushed him off, the other one bit me and took me down. >> reporter: then the dogs went after jeff wax's wife. >> they came and one grabbed the bobby and the other one went after her so her instincts were to grab for her dog and try and save him and the other one was biting her legs. >> reporter: she needed stitches on her face, leg and possibly has a broken toe.
6:35 am
brentwood pd captured one dog and pinned the other down in frank powell's backyard. >> latched on the screen was trying to get out and they hit it with a taser. >> reporter: the attack tensions boiled over with cameras rolling. >> my wife was just coming out the front door to walk the dog and they attacked her and the dogs! >> police caught the two dogs before note before they ran through the neighborhood causing a preschool to "shelter in place." officers said they needed to use a taser to subdue one of th dogs. cate caugiran, kpix 5. a final check of "kcbs traffic." we have breaking news happening right now in san francisco. there's a two-alarm fire and it's burning at 171 bright street between randolph and shields. you can see the latest tweets right now. muni just let us know that the m-oceanview line is completely blocked in both directions at randolph and bright by a number of emergency vehicles on scene. so we have launched chopper 5 for this. we'll bring you live updates. here's a live look at the baby
6:36 am
bay bridge toll plaza. backed up fully. the metering lights are on. big change today. the fog is back. so after several days of record- breaking high temperatures, looks like things starting to cool down. still lots of sunshine. it will be a while before we get that cool air working its way into the valleys. so still on the warm side, 80s inland, 70s inside the bay, 60s at the coastline. much cooler weekend with low clouds and fog extending well onshore. partial clearing toward the afternoon. more clouds cooler temperatures into monday. >> all right. i'm not complaining! it's pretty good. >> a big round of applause. >> thank you! thank you, everybody. [ laughter ] >> happy friday to you. >> you would have done it anyway since it's friday. >> thanks for watching. the next local update is 7:26.
6:37 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, may 2, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." cbs news correspondent clarissa ward and her crew are free and safe after being detained in ukraine. clarissa will givehe full story. >> new developments in the donald sterling drama. the clippers owner reportedly has cancer. >> and memphis gets ready for a british invasion. what prince william and prince harry will be doing together. >> but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> embroiled in scandal, donald sterling has reportedly been battling prostate cancer. >> a new twist in the l.a. clippers controversy.
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